Washington County reveals winning names for county snowplows

Washington County revealed two names for its snowplows on Thursday after overwhelming community participation in its inaugural “Name a Snowplow” contest.

More than 1,000 name ideas were submitted before the county trimmed the list to eight finalists earlier this month. Over 2,000 people voted for their favorite between Jan. 4 and 19.

Because of the contest’s popularity, Washington County decided to have two winners instead of one.

“Plowabunga” was in first place with 433 votes, and “Taylor Drift” was in second place with 405 votes. Plowabunga will be located in the southern part of the county, and Taylor Drift will be in the north.

Other popular names in the contest were “SKOL Plow,” “Beast of the East,” “Plow Bunyan,” “Stillwinter,” “Can’t Work From Home” and “Blizzard Wizzard.”

The Minnesota Department of Transportation first started the contest back in 2020. It’s now in its fourth year and voting for that contest is open through Jan. 28. Taylor Drift is also a finalist for that contest.