Union celebrates ‘historic’ deal for Minneapolis Public Works employees

A group of Minneapolis city employees is celebrating the ratification of a new contract it says includes “historic” wage increases.

LIUNA Local 363, which represents around 440 employees in the Minneapolis Public Works and Property Services departments, says the ratified deal features a nearly 30% pay raise over the next three years.

“This historic contract was achieved through the tireless efforts and countless hours of hard work by the bargaining team, our strike committee, and every single member who volunteered their time to fight for a better future for all of us,” LIUNA Local 363 business manager AJ Lange said. “I’m continuously impressed by the hard work and dedication of our members, and I’m truly honored to represent them.”

The city expressed its appreciation for the work the employees do every day, from clearing snow to collecting trash and treating water, in its announcement of the agreement.

“I am grateful to our Local 363 employees and to our team of labor negotiators who worked diligently for months to come to an agreement that recognizes the value of our hardworking employees and the services they provide to our residents,” said City Operations Officer Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

The deal now heads to the Minneapolis City Council for final approval. It comes after around five months of negotiations, including several months of mediation and the union’s vote last month to authorize a strike.