Teen charged in North St. Paul murder charged for shots at Southdale Center

A teenager who was charged last month in connection to a murder in North St. Paul is now facing charges for gunshots that were fired at an Edina mall this spring.

Court documents show that the 17-year-old was charged last week with illegal gun possession, second-degree assault and reckless discharge of a gun for a shots fired incident at Southdale Center on April 5.

As previously reported, police responded to the mall just after 8 p.m. on a report of shots fired.

Once there, officers couldn’t find any suspects or victims.

Surveillance video showed that three people were spotted running toward the mall exit near the food court, near where the gunshots were heard. One of those people, a juvenile, was determined to be a victim with the two others chasing him, court documents state.

A juvenile petition adds that police later identified one of the people chasing the victim as the 17-year-old charged in the North St. Paul murder of Anthony R. Rojas, and video showed the teen holding a gun with an apparent extended magazine.

While they were running, the petition states that the teen pointed the gun at the victim and fired, missing the victim but shattering the exit door windows.

Court documents note that the teen has multiple felony crimes of violence adjudications, including for robbery and aggravated robbery, that made it illegal for him to have a gun.