State sues, asks court to dissolve Feeding Our Future site

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office has filed a lawsuit against a Minnesota nonprofit that served as a site for Feeding Our Future.

Tuesday, Ellison’s office filed a civil lawsuit against ThinkTechAct Foundation and three of its leaders, saying they “ran a sham nonprofit, misused nonprofit funds, and violated numerous other governance requirements under Minnesota charities laws.”

“It is wrong that ThinkTechAct’s leaders took advantage of funds meant to help children,” Ellison said. “My office launched this investigation and filed this lawsuit because we cannot allow nonprofits to be hijacked to line the pockets of their directors and officers. The overwhelming majority of Minnesota’s nonprofit organizations do vital work supporting our communities, but sham nonprofits and their leaders who abuse the public trust must be held accountable.”

While the Feeding Our Future fraud scheme is under federal investigation, Ellison’s office still has enforcement authority over state nonprofit laws.

Tuesday’s lawsuit seeks to have the court dissolve ThinkTechAct and prevent its founder and president Mahad Ibrahim, board member Abdiaziz Farah and executive director Bianca Scott from working for any nonprofit or charity in Minnesota again.

Ellison’s office also sought court supervision for the dissolution of Feeding Our Future. Since then, federal officials have charged 50 people in a $250 million fraud investigation linked to the organization.

Before those charges, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS had reported on ThinkTechAct, when Farah and another man linked to the nonprofit were charged with passport fraud while under federal investigation for the child nutrition fund fraud scheme.