St. Paul man charged with prostitution of minors after undercover sting

A St. Paul man is charged with trying to hire a minor for sex after an undercover police sting last month.

On May 17, law enforcement from several agencies placed advertisements for prostitution services and got a response from 30-year-old Nue Lor.

According to a criminal complaint, Lor texted the number in the ad and asked for rates for unprotected sex. When told the person he was texting was 15, Lor texted back, “I mean, as long as you look old enough,” and added, “I’m kinda iffy … but I’m still gonna go through with it.”

He also agreed to bring alcohol for them.

When he showed up at the agreed-upon meeting place, Lor was arrested.

The complaint states Lor told police he did something “dumb” and knew what he did was “really wrong.”

He’s also charged with describing sexual conduct to a child.

His first court appearance is set for June 27.

If convicted, the maximum sentence for the prostitution charge is 10 years in prison, a fine ranging from $6,000-$20,000 or both. The maximum sentence for the description of sexual conduct is five years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

The police sting that caught Lor was on the same day a Savage middle school principal was arrested and also charged with trying to pay someone he thought was 15 for sex. He is expected to be in court on June 29.