Scott County woman sentenced to 10 years for killing mother

A Scott County woman has been sentenced to a decade behind bars for killing her mother last year.

Court records show that 35-year-old Cassandra Anne Dusold was ordered Monday morning to spend more than 10 years (128 months) in jail.

She was convicted in August of second-degree murder for killing her mother, Dorothy, back in January 2022.

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Charging documents state Dusold called 911 on Jan. 19, 2022, and reported a woman not breathing inside a home on Livery Lane in New Market Township. First responders arrived and found her 69-year-old mother lying alongside a bed without any pulse.

After initially claiming she was in another room when she heard a thud and then found her mother, Dusold later admitted to putting her mother in a chokehold and “squeezed like a python so hard it made her ribs hurt.”

Dorothy Dusold was taken to a hospital and put on a ventilator but was declared brain dead and later taken off of life support. She died a few days after first responders found her.