Rochester bans new marijuana businesses before 2025

As cities grapple with the quickly approaching legalization of recreational marijuana in Minnesota, some have opted to enact their own restrictions.

Rochester became the latest to do that Monday when the Rochester City Council voted to ban new cannabis businesses in the city until 2025.

KAAL-TV reports that many residents shared their thoughts on the ordinance before the council approved it, but ultimately, the city decided it wanted more time to establish marijuana policies.

In a week — Aug. 1 — recreational marijuana will officially become legal in Minnesota. While possession and use in certain amounts will become legal, retail sales aren’t expected to start until sometime in 2025 under the law, giving the state some time to fully set up its Office of Cannabis Management and regulations.

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In the meantime, several other localities across the state have already considered restrictions.

Members of the Lakeville City Council discussed a proposal that includes a smoking ban in city parks and public spaces, as well as restrictions for businesses selling marijuana, on Monday. Duluth councilors also debated limits and bans for places such as Park Point Beach and the city’s Lakewalk. Alexandria and Detroit Lakes officials have talked about possible ordinances for outdoor smoking of marijuana, and Benton County is considering limits in public.

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Tuesday, state law enforcement officials reinforced that recreational use legalization won’t affect laws regarding traffic safety, and anyone driving while under the influence will still be breaking the law.

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