PWHL 2024 award winners to be announced in St. Paul Tuesday

On Tuesday, the PWHL will award multiple players and coaches for their impact on and off the rink.

The award ceremony comes one day after the 2024 PWHL draft, which also took place in St. Paul.

The ceremony will begin at 1 p.m. at the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront. A list of nominees for each award can be found below:

Rookie of the Year: Emma Maltais (Toronto); Alina Müller (Boston); Grace Zumwinkle (Minnesota).

Coach of the Year: Kori Cheverie (Montréal); Courtney Kessel (Boston); Troy Ryan (Toronto).

Forward of the Year: Alex Carpenter (N.Y.); Marie-Philip Poulin (Montréal); Natalie Spooner (Toronto).

Defender of the Year: Erin Ambrose (Montréal); Megan Keller (Boston); Ella Shelton (N.Y.).

Goaltender of the Year: Kristen Campbell (Toronto); Aerin Frankel (Boston); Corinne Schroeder (N.Y.).

Billie Jean King MVP: Alex Carpenter (N.Y.); Marie-Philip Poulin (Montréal); Natalie Spooner (Toronto).

Award Winners:

2024 All-Rookie Team:

  • Alina Müller, Forward PWHL Boston
  • Emma Maltais, Forward PWHL Toronto
  • Grace Zumwinkle, Forward PWHL Minnesota
  • Ashton Bell, Defense PWHL Ottawa
  • Sophie Jaques, Defense PWHL Minnesota
  • Emma Soderberg, Goaltender PWHL Boston

2024 Second All-Star Team

  • Brianne Jenner, Forward PWHL Ottawa
  • Grace Zumwinkle, Forward PWHL Minnesota
  • Sarah Nurse, Forward PWHL Toronto
  • Renata Fast, Defense PWHL Toronto
  • Megan Keller, Defense PWHL Boston
  • Aerin Frankel, Goaltender PWHL Boston

2024 First All-Star Team

  • Alex Carpenter, Forward PWHL New York
  • Marie-Philip Poulin, Forward PWHL Montréal
  • Natalie Spooner, Foward PWHL Toronto
  • Ella Shelton, Defense PWHL New York
  • Erin Ambrose, Defense PWHL Montréal
  • Kristen Campbell, Goaltender PWHL Toronto

2024 Hockey For All Award: Maureen Murphy, PWHL Montréal

2024 Coach of the Year Award: Troy Ryan, PWHL Toronto

2024 Rookie of the Year Award: Grace Zumwinkle, PWHL Minnesota

2024 Goaltender of the Year Award: Kristen Campbell, PWHL Toronto

2024 Defender of the Year Award: Erin Ambrose, PWHL Montréal

 Billie Jean King MVP Award and Forward of the Year: Natalie Spooner, PWHL Toronto