Puppy thrown from stolen car during chase in Ramsey County now recovering

A puppy is healing after it was thrown from a stolen vehicle during a chase earlier this week on Interstate 694.

According to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were tailing suspects believed to be involved in a carjacking late Monday night. At some point, while the car was driving the wrong way down I-694, the rear passenger’s side door opened, and a white object tumbled out and into traffic.

Deputies reviewing footage from the chase discovered that the white object was actually a puppy and searched the area for him the next morning.

They found the puppy hunkered in the snow on the side of the interstate, covered in scrapes and suffering from a broken leg. The puppy, temporarily named Taho, was rushed to a veterinarian and is expected to be OK, the sheriff’s office said.

Taho is now in the care of a sheriff’s office employee.

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Foundation is raising money to help cover Taho’s medical expenses, which are expected to total roughly $7,500.

Two of the four suspects who were in the stolen vehicle were arrested.