Parts of Minnesota receive more than 4″ of rain as drought conditions continue

The National Weather Service (NWS) has released maps of rainfall totals showing how different parts of Minnesota fared over the past weekend.

The heaviest rainfall from Friday night through Monday morning hit southern Minnesota, depicted by the map NWS tweeted.

An interactive map linked in the tweet shows several locations in the red category, which ranges from 3.85-11.25 inches of rain. People can adjust the location and date with the CoCoRaHS tool linked here.

From Friday, Aug. 5 to Monday, Aug. 8, these Minnesota locations are highlighted in red:

  • Glencoe – 4.58 inches of rain
  • Brownton – 4.41 inches of rain
  • Garden City – 4.11 inches of rain
  • Prinsburg – 4.05 inches of rain
  • Odin – 3.94 inches of rain

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, near the southwest corner of Minnesota, was .06 inches away from collecting 5 inches of rain. Meanwhile, Eastern Iowa received upwards of 7 inches of rain.

Twin Cities area numbers landed more in the .01-2.89-inch range, with the closest outlier being Waconia at 3.04 inches.

U.S. Drought Monitor data released last Thursday showed severe drought conditions in the Twin Cities metro area, as well as to the south and west. Data is collected through 7 a.m. the Tuesday before the report is released, which is around 7 a.m. on Thursdays.

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