National Guard hosts Canadian military at Camp Ripley

The Minnesota National Guard is hosting Canadian reservists for a joint training exercise at Camp Ripley this week.

The Canadian Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (LSSR) travels to Camp Ripley every year to take advantage of the various Minnesota National Guard facilities.

“We are always grateful and excited to have our Canadian partners train here at Camp Ripley” said Brigadier General Lowell Kruse, Assistant Adjutant General for the Minnesota National Guard and the Senior Commander of Camp Ripley.

Kruse added that “Hosting the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment gives their organization a unique training opportunity and the [Minnesota Army National Guard] an opportunity to interact with our international partners.”

The units will conduct training with the Minnesota National Guards helicopters in order to become familiar with medical evacuation techniques on UH-60 Blackhawks.

Training will also include live-fire exercises with a helicopter assault of troops into the Individual Squad Battle Course.

On Sunday, Consul General of Canada Ariel Delouya will visit Camp Ripley to observe the training.

The Canadian Consul General provides services to Canadians living in or visiting Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.

The National Guard says that Canadian forces train at Camp Ripley “due to both the proximity of the base and the resources that are available.

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