Man pleads guilty to illegal firework use after 4th of July arrest in Minneapolis

A man who admitted to throwing fireworks at occupied vehicles in Minneapolis last summer was sentenced to one year of probation, community service and less than a week in jail.

Maslax Osman Dualeh, 21, was initially charged with third-degree riot and disorderly conduct after being arrested during a chaotic Fourth of July in Minneapolis last summer. He pleaded guilty to illegal use of fireworks as part of a plea deal with prosecutors.

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Court documents show he must serve 32 hours of community service within six months and serve four days in jail. He was also charged a total of $378 in combined court fees.

The plea agreement shows he will only be convicted of a misdemeanor if he completes one year of probation.

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Minneapolis police say they responded to an area near 4900 Nokomis Parkway West in the early morning hours of July 5 when an officer saw Dualeh throw a lit firework out of the window of a truck. That firework reportedly landed between two occupied vehicles before it exploded.

The criminal complaint states the officer then stopped the truck and spoke to the people inside.

Police say that in a post-Miranda statement, Dualeh admitted to throwing a firework at people who threw a firework at him and others in the truck.

Another passenger in the truck confirmed that account, and police recovered a variety of fireworks from inside the truck.