Man involved in Maple Grove standoff charged with threats of violence and domestic assault

The man who was involved in a standoff with police in Maple Grove on Wednesday night has been formally charged, according to official court records.

Troy Lee Rorman, 59, has been charged with two counts of threats of violence and one count of misdemeanor domestic assault.

On Wednesday, around 6:44 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 10200 block of Yorktown Ln. North in Maple Grove for a domestic assault involving a firearm.

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A woman told officers that she and her son returned to the home after a domestic assault by Rornan earlier in the day.

The victim called the police after Rorman threatened her and her son with a gun, which led to a standoff for multiple hours before he was finally taken into custody.

In a statement to authorities, the victim stated she had been in a romantic relationship with Rorman since 2018 and that the two of them and her son moved into the house in Maple Grove together.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim stated that after she and Rorman got into an argument, Rorman pushed her into a cupboard and started slapping her head and face. He was also screaming that he wanted the victim out of the house.

When the victim’s son came upstairs, Rorman stopped and locked himself in his room.

A short while later, Rorman demanded the victim give her keys to him. As he grabbed the keys, Rornan cut the victim’s hand on a sharp multitool attached to the key chain, court documents said.

The victim and her son left the house and returned shortly after to get her medication and belongings. When she came back, there was a sign on the door accusing the victim of being “bipolar” and saying that he has “the neighbors watching the house, and if anyone comes in, they’re going to get charged with burglary.”

According to the complaint, the victim then called the police, who arrived and helped the victim retrieve her things.

After finding a different place to stay, the victim and her son went back to the home after dinner to get her two cats. When they entered the home, Rorman was sitting in the recliner and proceeded to go into the bedroom and came back out with a gun.

Court documents state the victim and her son then left the house and called the police.

The victim told authorities that she suffered Rorman’s physical and emotional abuse for years after previous efforts to leave him.

Rorman is currently in custody.