Man charged with murder in Minneapolis road rage shooting

A man arrested after a fatal shooting Friday night is now facing murder charges after a traffic dispute escalated into gunfire.

According to a criminal complaint, Dhaha Hayi Hassan, 24, of New Brighton, is charged with second-degree murder and possessing a gun without a serial number.

The man killed was identified as 34-year-old Randy John Burtis.

Minneapolis police say they responded to an area near West River Parkway and Franklin Avenue around 11:50 p.m. Friday for a shooting report.

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Hassan reportedly called police saying he shot a man after being attacked.

Arriving officers then found Burtis on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. He was still alive and pointed at Hassan when police asked who shot him.

Officers then arrested Hassan and recovered a Polymer80 handgun in his waistband. The criminal complaint notes that Polymer80 handguns do not have serial numbers.

Investigators then spoke to two people who were in a Toyota Sienna with Burtis before the shooting.

One of the witnesses told police that Hassan was driving a Toyota Camry the wrong way and that it was blocking traffic, with the road being narrow to the point where only one vehicle could pass.

The witness said that Burtis, who was wearing a neck brace because of a recent injury, then stepped out of the Sienna to tell Hassan he needed to reverse his vehicle. She also told police she heard Hassan say, “What are you going to do about it?” and began to argue with Burtis without backing up his car.

Another person in the van then approached the car and the argument continued. The complaint states Hassan opened his car door to step out, and that’s when Burtis pushed the door shut.

Hasan then allegedly fired, striking Burtis four times in the chest and abdomen.

Officers who arrested Hassan found marijuana in the car and noticed he showed signs of impairment. Hassan later admitted to smoking before the shooting.

The complaint states that Hassan told investigators he “came across an unknown individual who was looking for someone” and that joined the search. That is reportedly when he began driving the wrong way on a stretch of road between West River Road and Franklin Avenue.

Hassan claimed that he began driving in reverse and that the Sienna was “riding” him “bumper to bumper” with high beams on. He also told police that Burtis tried pushing his car and was acting aggressively.

Hassan added that Burtis did see his handgun because Hassan had it on his lap after chambering a round when Burtis stepped out of the van. He also admitted that he didn’t see Burtis or the other person with a weapon and that he didn’t perform CPR on Burtis despite being certified.

The criminal complaint states that Hassan told police he has at least two other guns at his home and that those guns do have serial numbers.