Hennepin County commissioners vote unanimously to censure Sheriff Hutchinson

The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to publicly censure Sheriff David Hutchinson Thursday afternoon.

The decision came after an investigation showed the sheriff had violated the county’s non-discrimination and respectful workplace policy. 

Before the vote, Hennepin County Administrator David Hough discussed the findings in the investigator’s final report. It stated that Sheriff Hutchinson engaged in disrespectful behavior such as workplace bullying that included sexual and racial harassment.

“Having seen the report, this public censure is warranted,” said Hennepin County Commissioner Marion Greene. “It’s that simple.” 

The vote to censure Sheriff Hutchinson then passed unanimously. 

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According to the board’s action request, on April 19, Hennepin County administration received a report that Sheriff Hutchinson was behaving in a hostile and retaliatory manner towards sheriff’s office personnel. On April 21, the sheriff and sheriff’s office command staff were informed that the county would investigate the allegations.

The county hired an external investigator who interviewed sheriff’s office workers. The investigator also contacted Hutchinson and his legal counsel for an interview, but did not receive a response, the board said.

The board also passed a resolution in November to not pay Hutchinson during his peace officer license suspension. His license was suspended following a DUI in which he totaled a county vehicle.