Empty Nest! Both peregrine falcon chicks take flight

After being on a live stream for months, the peregrine falcon chicks have left their nest and will likely not be seen again by viewers.

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that on Thursday, the younger and smaller chick flew for the first time, joining its sibling, who fledged a few days earlier.

Courtesy: MDNR, Both Falcon chicks are inspected by the DNR on June 14.

With the chicks now capable of flying, the parent falcons will continue feeding them and protecting them from predators. Eventually, they will show the chicks how and where to hunt for food.

The adult falcons may occasionally visit the nest box and be seen on camera, which will remain on, but the DNR said the chicks will most likely not return.

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The DNR said they are thankful to the visitors who checked in on the falcons the last few months, and are grateful for the continued support of their programs.