Early antlerless deer hunt season starts next week in Minnesota

Some areas in Minnesota will be open for antlerless-only deer hunting starting next week.

From Oct. 21-24, hunters can hunt in specific areas from the southeastern part of the state to central Minnesota. This opportunity in hunting antlerless deer provides hunters the additional capability to manage local deer herds in specific deer permit areas — otherwise known as DPAs — in the state where deer populations are estimated to be above the designated deer population goals.

To participate in the early season, hunters must have a deer license and at least one valid antlerless permit. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the license can be an archery, firearms or a muzzle-loader license. Hunters must use weapons matching the parent license used to purchase their early anterless permit, except that a cross bow can be used with a firearms license during the early antlerless season.

When it comes to permits, hunters may use an early antlerless permit or may substitute a bonus permit (or disease management permit in 600-series DPAs) but still must possess at least one valid early antlerless permit to participate in the early antlerless season, according to the DNR.

For more details on where these areas are in the state and more information on the upcoming early season, click here.

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