Despite Nice Ride’s departure, rental bikes returning to Minneapolis for 2023

On Tuesday, the City of Minneapolis announced that e-bikes will be returning to Minneapolis streets for 2023 despite Nice Ride announcing they were leaving the market earlier this year.

The city said Lime, Spin, and Veo are participating in their 2023 shared bike and scooter program. All three will provide rental scooters. Lime and Veo will both have e-bike rentals as well.

The bikes and scooters will be available for rent starting April 13, according to a press release.

However, docking bikes this year will not involve needing to find a special docking station, as in past years for Nice Ride. The city says that riders can now lock up their rental bike or scooter at blue, metal bike and scooter racks around the city or to a sign post, with the exception of stop signs and bus stop signs.

Blue bike and scooter racks like this one will be available across the city for users to lock e-bikes and scooters after they finish their trips. (City of Minneapolis)

Two types of bikes will be available to rent. Lime will have pedal assist bikes with a motor, similar to Nice Ride bikes. The motor works while the pedals are being used.

Veo will have more powerful e-bikes that have pedal assist and a throttle, similar to scooters. People will not need to be actively pedaling for these bikes to move. The city says this is the first time these Class 2 e-bikes have been available in Minneapolis, adding that they are a good option for people with physical limitations.

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According to the release, Public Works has already installed hundreds of bright blue bike and scooter racks around the City that everyone can use.

Riding and parking rules can be found on the City’s website.

The three operators also have low-income pricing for qualified residents, with information on the program on the City’s website.

Learn more about the bike and scooter rental options in Minneapolis for 2023.