DEED: September marked 12 straight months of job growth in Minnesota

State officials say Minnesota has now seen 12 consecutive months of job growth.

Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) released last month’s jobs data, which included an increase of 4,200 jobs, up 0.1% from August.

Initially, the department reported a slight loss of jobs in August, however, DEED’s revised report says the state actually gained around 1,200 jobs in August. Overall, U.S. jobs grew 0.4% in September.

Additionally, the agency reported a 0.1% increase in the unemployment rate last month, moving the state’s rate to 2%, still near its record low. The national unemployment rate is 3.5%.

DEED officials also say the state’s labor force participation rate dropped by 0.1% in September to 68.1%. The national rate is 62.3%.

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“Minnesota’s economy is strong and continues to grow, with a new milestone today of 12 straight months of job growth,” DEED Commissioner Steve Grove said in a statement. “Our nation-leading unemployment rate continues to reveal a market full of opportunity – we’re committed to driving innovative approaches to help Minnesota businesses find the workers they need.”

Gov. Tim Walz also celebrated the news, saying, “Minnesota continues to be a national leader in economic recovery and expansion. In Minnesota, we value our workforce and the next generation of employees. We will continue to grow, diversify, and support our state’s economy amid global economic uncertainty.”

Wages continue to lag behind inflation, which was at 8.2% last month, but still grew faster in September than in August, up 5.7%, DEED says.

Racial disparities in the job market also continue, although slight progress was made last month. DEED says the labor force participation rate for Black Minnesotans rose 0.9% in September to 67.7%, fell 0.2% for white workers to 68.4%, and dropped 1.3% to 79.1% for Hispanic employees.