Citing federal indictment in same case, state dismisses charges filed against man accused of robbing bank

Court documents show the State of Minnesota has dropped its case against a man accused of having a role in an Inver Grove Heights bank robbery last year, citing the federal indictment filed against him for the same incident.

According to documents, Deundrick McIntosh is no longer charged at the state level with one count of aiding and abetting aggravated robbery and two counts of aiding and abetting kidnapping. Prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss the charges on March 21.

Earlier in March, McIntosh and his lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the charges, saying McIntosh “is clearly not either of the two men seen on video who robbed the bank” and that there’s “insufficient evidence of his aiding and abetting the offense in any other fashion.”

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On Dec. 22, 2022, Inver Grove Heights police responded to a report of a bank robbery, court documents said. Officers were told that two people came into the bank, restrained two employees with zip ties and stole over $78,000.

Among the cash that was taken during the robbery were several “bait bills” that had been previously recorded by the bank.

Officers identified and tracked the car that the two used to get away from the scene. Inside the vehicle, police found masks and a black bag, which had been described by the bank employees.

The car was traced back to a witness who identified one of the people who robbed the bank as McIntosh. The witness told police that they saw McIntosh on the morning of the robbery wearing the same clothes as one of the suspects. McIntosh was also seen that day with a backpack of cash, police said.