BCA working on expungements tied to cannabis, Clean Slate legislation

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is continuing its work on expungements of certain criminal records from public view related to a pair of decisions by the Minnesota Legislature.

The Adult-Use Cannabis Act and the Clean Slate Act passed last spring identify what types of records can be seen and by whom. Public data from criminal history records can be viewed on the BCA’s Criminal History System website.

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According to initial analysis by the BCA, more than 66,000 criminal history records are eligible for automatic expungement under the Adult-Use Cannabis Act.

The BCA said that cannabis-related expungement will start in mid-2024 and anticipates Clean Slate-related expungement will be implemented to meet the Jan. 2025 deadline.

Click here for updates on this process or to get access to expunged records as part of the passed legislation.