Authorities say scammers impersonating police in Douglas County

Authorities are warning residents in Douglas County of scammers impersonating police.

The Alexandria Police Department and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve both received reports from residents saying someone called them, claimed to be an Alexandria police officer and said there was a warrant for the resident’s arrest because they missed a court date.

The scammer then tried to get addresses, Social Security numbers and other personal information from the residents.

Authorities noted the calls did show up as coming from 320-763-6631, which is the actual non-emergency number for the police department, but the calls weren’t actually from a police officer, as officers won’t contact residents and ask for personal information or tell them they’ve missed a court date.

Anyone who receives a similar call is asked to report it to law enforcement by calling 320-763-6631.

The notice comes a day after authorities in Stearns County warned residents of a similar scam.