Alleged Highs gang member charged federally for livestreaming violent armed carjacking

A man accused of violently carjacking a rival gang member at gunpoint and livestreaming the incident faces federal charges of armed carjacking and illegal possession of a firearm.

A news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office states that Leneal Frazier, Jr., 22, was seen in a video holding a gun to another man’s head as the victim was bleeding from his forehead.

Police were made aware of the video Tuesday morning, according to the news release.

Federal prosecutors allege Frazier is a known member of the Minneapolis-based Highs gang. The video shows Frazier in the back seat of a vehicle while the victim, who is “an associate of the Lows gang” according to investigators, was in the driver’s seat.

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The video, which was posted on Facebook, shows Frazier wearing a sweatshirt and scarf that covered most of his face except for his forehead and eyes, the U.S. Attorney’s Office says.

Federal officials allege that the six-minute video shows Frazier ordering the victim at gunpoint to call out other known gang members “in an insulting manner.”

The footage then shows Frazier slapping, mocking, and berating the victim, saying “You a clown… you ain’t even worth killin’,” according to the complaint. He then asked the victim how much money he had, saying he would use the money to buy the victim a gun “in a mocking manner.”

Police say they obtained a search warrant to search Frazier’s apartment, where they found a loaded Glock 19 pistol with an “obliterated” serial number and an extended magazine. Officers also recovered what is believed to be the scarf seen in the video and the victim’s ID and car keys.

Frazier was also in the apartment and was arrested, the release states.

Frazier’s past felony conviction prohibits him under federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition at any time.