30-year-old gets 20 years for shooting woman 2 weeks after prison release

A 30-year-old St. Paul Park man was sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in prison for shooting a woman police say he was dating in 2022 — two weeks after he was released from prison. He has credit for 439 days already served.

Court records show that Jeremy Jyrone White was convicted on charges of attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault. He was only sentenced for the attempted murder charge.

As previously reported, White was released from prison to intensive supervised release on Oct. 4, 2022. He then cut off his GPS bracelet and absconded on Oct. 15. The DOC says his agent reported him in violation of his release and a warrant was then issued for his arrest.

He has been serving time for a weapons possession charge from 2017.

Four days later, on Oct. 19, he shot a woman near Sims Avenue and North Frank Street in St. Paul.

According to a criminal complaint, a 911 caller reported seeing a man hit a woman with an unknown object and then heard a gunshot after the two were out of sight.

Officers found the victim with a bloody face and a hole in her lower jaw, the complaint states. The woman used a pen and notepad to tell police that White, who she was in a relationship with, shot her before fleeing in a gray Nissan sedan, according to court documents.

The victim said the only reason she could think of as to why White would’ve shot her is that he “had been up for 4-5 days doing cocaine,” the complaint states.

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