2 men sentenced for February 2022 carjacking at Rosedale Center

Two men have received their sentences for an armed carjacking nearly a year ago at Rosedale Center in Roseville, according to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

The DOJ said 49-year-old Leon Bell received 10 years in prison followed by three years of parole for the carjacking. For aiding and abetting the carjacking, 23-year-old Jack Piche received three years and four months in prison followed by three years of parole.

As previously reported, the carjacking happened in February 2022 and the men were charged in May 2022.

Both pleaded guilty and were sentenced this past Friday, according to the DOJ.

Court documents said Bell and Piche followed a car through the mall parking lot, waited for the driver to park, then approached the 67-year-old woman who exited the vehicle. Bell flashed a gun as he approached.

Bell then took the woman’s purse, which contained her wallet and keys, before driving away in the stolen car. Police arrested Piche on the day of the incident and Bell three months later.

The Roseville Police Department, the Minneapolis Police Department and the FBI collaborated on the case.