Father-son photo taken days before tornado destroys home

Three days after a photo posted on Facebook showed an Arkansas doctor looking through a glass door to see his 1-year-old son crawl for the first time, the family's home in Jonesboro was destroyed by a tornado.

Dr. Jared Burks is keeping himself away from his wife and son, Zeke, because he is working in a hospital, including the emergency room, and potentially exposed to the coronavirus, wife Alyssa Burks told KATV-TV.

“Not going to pretend that I didn’t bawl like a baby when he left to go back to work. We miss him, but we are doing what we have to do," Alyssa Burks wrote of her husband at the time.

The photo was posted Wednesday and the northeast Arkansas city of about 75,000 people was struck by a tornado on Saturday, destroying the Burks' home, according to Alyssa Burks.

“We are all safe. Our house is gone. Jared was inside, but he survived by the grace of God. Zeke and I were at my mom’s house. Please pray for us as we begin to pick up the pieces,” she wrote Saturday on her Facebook page.