VIDEO: Wildlife venturing out in Yosemite National Park due to lack of visitors

A lack of visitors at Yosemite National Park means the animals—including deer, bears and even coyotes—are venturing out.

Park officials said the biggest change is that coyotes are out in the daytime.

Officials said the animals are walking by people and right next to buildings, which are things these animals typically don’t do.

"I think nature is obviously welcoming the change," Frank Dean, president of Yosemite Conservancy, said. "The wildlife in Yosemite certainly are. Someone thought that they were more bears actually in the park right now, but it’s really just that they’re being seen more frequently, because again, they’re not as secretive and they’re feeling more comfortable."

Conservation officials said it’s unclear how the animals’ behaviors will change once people are allowed back in the park.

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