VIDEO: Coon Rapids family recreates Canal Park in Duluth with LEGOs

Imaginations can run wild when constructing an object using LEGOs.

A Coon Rapids family used theirs to recreate Canal Park in Duluth. Michael Ness told KSTP they are a family of five and love the North Shore.

"My wife, Rochelle, got an email about the ‘Recreate the North Shore’ contest sent by Odyssey Resorts," Michael said. "[We] thought the idea would be a great way to create good memories during the ‘stay at home’ order."

He said he hopes that when his kids look back on this time, they’ll remember fun family activities like this instead of the COVID-19 fears dispersed in the last several weeks.

He explained the process of how the scene was created by his family.

"Our kids picked out the Canal Park lift bridge because it is one of our favorite places to go when we travel up north," Michael said.

The family’s oldest son, Collin, 10, started building the lift bridge out of his LEGO robotics pieces. Michael helped with some of the mechanical parts of the bridge and building the waterway.

"My wife helped make the park and lighthouse area. Our other son, Evan, 8, contributed his tea-light lighthouse," Michael said. "And our daughter, Emmalin, 5, contributed her LEGO Friends boat and helped choose the sound effects."

Michael said it took two days to build the bridge and the majority of last Sunday to make the rest of the scene. The filming took three hours on Sunday evening, with Collin and Michael doing a majority of the filming using Michael’s iPhone.

He said it took nearly 300 photos to create the film.