It is not just another newscast—it’s the 5 Eyewitness News Nightcast

Most late local newscasts are pretty much the same. Just flip around. It’s the same content, the same format, all told in much the same way. That’s why 5 Eyewitness News is taking a fresh look and delivering a late news program with a different feel and point of view. It’s a new show we call the 5 Eyewitness News “Nightcast”. We are emphasizing the value of KSTP’s in-depth reporting, talking with newsmakers for more than just a quick sound bite while providing depth and perspective on the news that is impacting our community. "Nightcast" is different in how it approaches each day, bringing the viewer more than just the typical headlines. With a different pace, attitude and style this new program is more relevant, thought-provoking and sometimes even surprising.

As “Minnesota’s Weather Authority” we wanted to give viewers what they really want at 10pm. That’s why we are starting each "Nightcast" with our "Forecast First". More than just a weather headline, “Forecast First” is a detailed recap of the day’s weather, what to expect in the overnight hours and a complete three-day outlook at the very top of the hour. This is not just another newscast—it’s the 5 Eyewitness News Nightcast. We hope you watch weekdays at 10:00 p.m.