“It’s fantastic, it’s fun. It’s a piece of history.” A Minnesota Twins super fan’s house is a memorabilia collector’s paradise.

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Alex Majkrzak’s Minnetonka house is more than just a home: it’s a memorabilia collector’s paradise.

“It’s fantastic, it’s fun, it’s a piece of history,” he says. “Been a little fun over the years, and the kids help us as well.”

From his “man cave” to the basement and even a vault, there are hundreds of items, including autographed photos of public figures ranging from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant to Harrison Ford.

There are several Prince items as well, including one of his guitars valued at $7000. There’s also a handwritten note from him to an assistant, assessed at $10,000.

The collection also includes row after row of autographed major league baseballs, even Majkrzak’s dad’s high school football jersey.

“Sometimes he gets something in the mail, and I just kind of roll my eyes,” his wife Jamie smiles. “Okay, here’s another piece … and I just want to know where are you going to put that?”

Majkrzak, 34, has been a collector for twenty years now.

His biggest passion? Anything connected to the Minnesota Twins.

One-hundred and fifty items, valued at up to $40,000, and growing.

Courtesy Alex Majkrzak

“What connects with memorabilia is just experience, right? And I think with the Twins especially,” Majkrzak says. “It starts with the team, [and] it starts with the Twins. And it ties back to a player, a moment during the game that you want to bring home, that you remember forever.”

His prize possession is placed in a special spot in his “man cave.” It’s a game jersey worn by Twins catcher Terry Steinbach.

“Very blessed to grow up next to Terry Steinbach,” Majkrzak recalls. “That, I would say, really propelled me to connect with the Twins. Grew up with the family pretty close, [and] I would say he’s a better family man and a baseball player if that’s hard to believe.”

Courtesy Alex Majkrzak

The 34-year old super fan now has a family of his own.

He and Jamie first dated when they were seventeen and married a decade later.

Their kids, 7-year-old Meadow, and 4-year-old Major are also Twins fans.

“Like our favorite family memories have been at sporting events,” Jamie explains. “I feel like our kids have grown up at Target Field and Target Center. It’s been so fun. Alex has loved sports ever since I’ve known him. As soon as Meadow was born, he couldn’t wait to take her to her first Twins game.”

Meadow and Major were both in uniform the day we visited.

And Major, as in ‘major league,’ has plenty of Twins bling of his own, including his own jersey, with the number ‘4’ on the back. He also has a growing collection of game balls.

Why does he do it?

“Because I love it,” he grins.

And his favorite thing in the room?

“The baseballs.”

The family has had season tickets for four years, and so far, attended about 150 games.

So, over a jigsaw puzzle with a Twins theme, we had to ask Jamie about what it’s like to live with a mega-collector.

Courtesy Alex Majkrzak

“This is his passion,” Jamie declared, adding, “I’ve just embraced it. Otherwise, it would just drive me crazy.”

After Friday’s season opener, the family did buy some Twins sweatshirts, blankets, and two game balls, one for each kid.

But Majkrzak says this isn’t about owning something.

It’s about treasuring those special moments at the ballpark — that you remember forever.

“When it comes to the Twins, we’re arguably the biggest fans, especially coming this weekend, with opening day,” Majkrzak smiles. “Rain, shine, snow, we’re there.”