Monday Night Meal: Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs

Looking for ways to use the left over hardboiled eggs from Easter? 5 Eyewitness News anchor, Paul Folger, shares his recipe for Scotch Eggs.

Boil eggs to your preference. (I like a 6 minute egg). Peel, let cool.
Mix sausage, parsley and spices together in a bowl.

Prepare breading station:

Place flour on a plate.
Place mixed eggs on a plate.
Place bread crumbs on a plate.

On a sheet of plastic wrap take a large meatball sized ball of sausage mixture and press it flat onto the plastic. You end up with a disc shaped flat sausage. 

Roll egg in flour then place on sausage. Use the wrap to fold sausage around egg. Cover it completely in the sausage.

Then dip it in the flour, then dip in the eggs, then the breadcrumbs. Then take that egg and do this process again. This will give you a nicely breaded egg.

Heat oil to 350. 

Then place eggs in oil and fry about 6 minutes. They will be browned and crispy. Take out of oil and place on paper towels. 

I let them sit a few minutes. Then slice the in half and serve on a small salad. I like mustard on the side or a 1/2 and 1/2 mayo/mustard mix.