Tips For Protecting Your Hearing

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Did you know that nearly half of all people aged 12-35 are at risk for hearing loss because of prolonged and excessive exposure to loud sounds?

Dr. Robert Kantor from UnitedHealthcare is here to talk about why it’s crucial to protect your hearing and how to do so.

Headphone tips

  • Follow the 60/60 rule for listening. Limit to 60 minutes a day at 60% of your devices maximum volume
  • Earbuds have a greater risk damage to your hearing because they sit deeper in the ear. Consider large noise-canceling headphones for over the ear

Benefits of exercising with no music

  • Quiet time benefits your mind and body
  • You can focus on your form and take in nature (if you’re exercising outside)

Hearing myths and truths

Myths about hearing loss:

  • It only affects older people – nearly 1/3 of people with hearing loss are younger than 60
  • It’s harmless – it has a significant impact on people’s overall health
  • It can’t be prevented – exposure to loud sounds can contribute to noise induced hearing loss, but you can limit this with ear protection

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