TCL in Your Town Osseo: Olympia Café

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Olympia Café in Osseo is a Greek restaurant that has been in the same family since 1984. They specialize in Greek and American food. The owner, Paul Santrizos, shows us how to make Saganaki – a dish that involves cheese and fire!


Cut a lemon in half then set aside

Prepare a 1/2” thick piece of Asiago or Kasseri cheese by cutting it roughly 7” in length (we prefer asiago)

Whisk 2 eggs until uniform

Coat cheese with egg

Dredge entire piece in flour

Heat pan at medium heat then add a generous amount of oil to your pan

Heat both sides of cheese on medium heat until light golden brown and soft throughout feel free to flip to make sure it’s not close to burning

Turn heat on high for roughly 10-20 seconds to make sure pan is very hot while you pour 1.5oz of brandi on top of the middle of the cheese- immediately light on fire with long neck lighter

Wait for flame to go down and squeeze lemon on top

Serve on a separate plate

The higher the heat, the higher the brandy/flame will bounce of the plate- be careful not to burn your cheese or yourself!