Crocktober: Sykora Queso Recipe

Crocktober week continues on TCL with a queso recipe from TCL producer CC Rode. CC produced a morning show in Texas and met some cool friends, one of them shared a queso recipe and CC hasn’t let go of it. Directions and ingredients all listed below.

32 oz- Velveeta Queso Blanco (or any blanco brand)
14oz- FRESH Pico de Gallo (Go to your fav Mexican restaurant if needed!)
1 lbs- Ground hamburger, turkey or venison
1 pkt- Taco seasoning (Taco bell is our preferred)
1 can- Condensed cream of jalapeno soup (can use cream of mushroom)
2 cups- Shredded Mexican blend cheese (I use monterey jack with jalapeno’s added from HEB but any blend works, the spicier the better!)
Optional add-in: 8 oz- jalapeno cream cheese

Line the crock pot with a crockpot liner. (optional)

Brown (and drain if needed) ground meat and season with taco seasoning as directed. (I use half the water recommended for mixing so as not to water down my queso.)

Meanwhile, cube queso blanco cheese, add all ingredients to the crock pot. Top with meat.

Warm and melt while stirring frequently. If using cream cheese it is best to add it in after all other ingredients are melted and blended to avoid curdling, but if cooking slowly can be added whenever.

Keep on low for a few hours.