Red Bench Bakery

Red Bench Bakery

Red Bench Bakery

When a town grows, change is inevitable. That’s the case for the city of Chaska right now. Their Downtown area, which is full of local shops, is under major construction. It’s affecting businesses and people are wondering if they are even open… the answer is yes! TCL reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to a staple spot in town called Red Bench Bakery.

A few other spots to check out in Downtown Chaska include:

Carver Junk Company

  • They have everything from apparel to furniture.
  • For those that remember Kelli’s office during the pandemic, Carver Junk also carries those Minnesota home grown prints everyone loved!

Linda’s Cellar

  • Full of vintage antiques!
  • Open Thursday-Sunday, once a month.

To plan your trip to Downtown Chaska, click right here!