Can You #PostPositive?

The goal of Twin Cities Live since its inception 15 years ago was to create television that helped connect people to our community and feel good about where they live. Throughout that 15 years we’ve heard countless stories from viewers who have leaned on Twin Cities Live during maternity leaves, health crises and hospital stays. Family members have shared that our show was the highlight of the day for people who were struggling with illness or in their final weeks of life. We’ve also been called “my first friends” from viewers who’ve relocated to the Twin Cities and started building a life and a community here.

That connection has expanded from the television screen to interacting with our fellow Minnesotans on social media as well. But we’ve noticed (and you probably have too!) that social media has its downsides and that sometimes the negativity can leave us feeling worse about the world post-scroll.

Here at Twin Cities Live, we had a light bulb moment: what if we crowd out the bummer stuff with a whole lot of good? And #PostPositive was born.

We’re asking our team, our viewers, and our media colleagues all over Minnesota to intentionally post something positive as much as you possibly can in the month of March. It could be celebrating something in your life, encouraging someone going through a tough time or just giving a shout out to a social media account that brings you joy. Post, comment and share – and use the hashtag #postpositive. It’s time to make social media FUN again – and tune into Twin Cities Live where we’ll be sharing positive posts and featuring content creators who are making our community better!