Burger War at 328 Grill

Burger Wars

Burger Wars

Mik German, owner of 328 Grill, is known for his awesome and creative burgers on the menu.  He has two new burgers that he’s putting up against each other in a friendly competition.  The “Macho Nacho Leber” burger is going against “The Miss Elizabeth” burger!  Head to Saint Paul Park’s, 328 Grill and let us know which burger is more popular! 

Kool Ranch Seasoning (the seasoning on the chips for Ben’s burger)

Equal parts: Cajun 14 Spice and ranch seasoning.

Macho Nacho Leber

Short rib, brisket, chuck patty


Pepper jack cheez whiz

Pico de gallo

Kool Ranch tortilla chips

Sour cream 

Grilled brioche bun 

The Miss Elizabeth 

Short rib, brisket, chuck patty

Gruyere cheese

“French” onions



Inverted brioche bun