Better Sleep in 2023

With the holiday season officially over, it’s time to get back into the routine.  If you find yourself tossing and turning instead of sleeping, there are things you can do.  Rachael Loney, creator of La Vida Loney, shares some tricks for getting a full night’s sleep. 

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The “No List”

  • Caffeine (8 hours before bed)
  • Alcohol (4-6 hours before bed)
  • Heavy Meals in the evening
  • Blue Light & screens (2 hours before bed)


  • Melatonin
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Take a bath

  • Your body temp will rise and you’ll feel relaxed and ready for bed when it comes down
  • Epsom salt baths relieves muscle pain, inflammation, and stress

Set up your room for sleep

  • Make it dark
  • Keep electronics out of the bedroom
  • Wear something cozy and comfortable