12 Days of Cookies: Pinolate

Jeremy Intille from The Lynhall makes a traditional Christmas “biscuit” called pinolates for day six of 12 Days of Cookies.  It is paired with Bridgeman’s Praline Pecan ice cream. 

First Paste 

1 2/5 cups (175g) Almond flour
2 2/5 cups (300 g) sugar, white granulated 
3 (90g) egg whites 


3 (90g) egg whites 
3 2/3 cups (200g) sugar, white granulated 

Second Paste 

2 2/5 cup (300g) almond flour 
4/5 cups (100g) sugar 
1.5 T (20g) honey 
1.5 T (20g) butter 

Sliced almonds or Pine Nuts 
Powdered Sugar 


Using a stand mixer or by hand mix Paste 1 together thoroughly and set aside

Do the same with Paste 2, also set aside 

Using a stand mixer with a wish attachment start egg whites of the meringue at medium speed. 

Once egg whites have, before frothy start adding sugar slowly, once medium peaks have formed, turn the mixer on high and continue to add the sugar till it is all in. Should take about 5 minutes.

Once all the sugar is in, continue whipping for 3 minutes on high. 

Take ⅓ of the meringue and add it to Paste 2, no need to be gentle, mix fully. 

Add in remaining meringue and fold in. Once most of the meringue has been added, add Paste 1 all at once and finish mixing till a homogeneous dough has formed. 

Using a cookie scoop portion 30- 400 cookies, roll into walnut sized pieces. 

Roll cookies in nuts of choice then place on a lined baking sheet and give a gentle press to make into a puck shape. They do spread, do not over squoosh or you will end up with one pan of cookie. 

Dust with powdered sugar generously.

Bake at 300ºF for 12-15 minutes, rotate half way through.  Edges and nut should be golden brown. 

Allow to cool on the pan before moving to a wire rack, dust with more powdered sugar and enjoy. 

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