So Minnesota: Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater

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There are many beautiful parks all across the state, but one in Stillwater was built on kindness and generosity.

About 15 years ago, the city of Stillwater built Teddy Bear Park after a man wanted to make a donation.

"We get offers for donations many times for maybe a tree or bench, but to have someone come in and donate a park of this stature and size is unusual," Shawn Sanders, Stillwater Director of Public Works said.

The man and his wife were living in Stillwater and wanted to give back to the community in a very big way by building a park.

"I think overall the park’s construction cost was five million dollars," Sanders said.

The man came up with the teddy bear name and even designed the park. When the park held it’s grand opening, invitations were sent to kids across Stillwater. The man’s one request to the city was that he wanted to remain anonymous.

"Very unusual," Sanders said. "Usually someone wants recognition when they give a donation."

The anonymous donor didn’t stop at Teddy Bear Park, he also gave millions more for Washington Park in Stillwater.