So Minnesota: Salt Lake

So Minnesota: Salt Lake

So Minnesota: Salt Lake

Fishing, swimming, and boating a just a few of the reasons to love Minnesota’s lakes.

There’s one lake that lacks all of that and yet it’s still a marvel.

Salt Lake is located on the Minnesota/South Dakota border.

“It’s very special,” Kurt Vascek with the Minnesota DNR said. “It’s the only salt lake in Minnesota. It’s about 320 square acres, about a half a square mile area and it’s only about 4 feet deep.”

You can’t swim on Salt Lake and there are no fish.

“It’s too salty for any fish that we would have around here,” Vascek said.

Salt Lake is one of the most famous birding spots in Minnesota. It’s because the lake attracts different species not usually found in the state.

“There’s fairy shrimp out in the water and that stuff attracts all the birds,” Vascek said.

The next time you visit your favorite lake you think is great, it’s not as unique as Salt Lake.

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