So Minnesota: Former president trained in Twin Cities during WWII

As our nation pulls together in the fight against COVID-19, it brings back memories of the strength America found during WWII.

Back then, a future president was sent to Minnesota to train for battle.

After joining the Navy in the winter of 1943, George H. Bush came to the Twin Cities to train to become a fighter pilot.

One of the planes he flew is on display at Wings of the North Air Museum in Eden Prairie.

"He wrote his mother a letter and said basically ‘By the time I put on enough clothes to go out and fly these airplanes, I can hardly move enough to fly the airplane,’" museum director Bob Jasperson said.

While Bush was training in Minnesota, he sent home letters to his girlfriend, Barbara, who would become his wife.

"He was courting Barbara at that time, while he was here in Minnesota," Jasperson said.

The couple would have six children, call the White House home and be married for 73 years.