Get Better Sleep

Get better sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning instead of sleeping, there are things you can do.  Rachael Loney, creator of La Vida Loney, shares some tricks for getting a full night’s sleep.

4 Sleep Disruptors 

  • Alcohol (avoid 4-6 hours before bed)
  • Caffeine (avoid 8 hours before bed
  • Blue Light (avoid 2 hours before bed)
  • Heavy Meals (avoid 2 hours before bed)

Creating the Ideal Sleep Environment

1. Decrease Clutter/ Keep Bedroom Clean

                 – “A cluttered space, is a cluttered mind.” We can feel/sense that in any environment.

                 – Keep the bedroom space clean and organized.

                 – If possible clear out any exercise equipment, desk/office set up. 

                 – Reduce piles (books, magazines, toiletries)

                 – Target carries a line of clear storage bins by Brightroom, that can be really helping in designating a place for things like books, toiletries and clothing. Organize the bins and place them in a closet or on a shelf.  

                 – Really try to make the bedroom a space that is purely for sleep. The goal is for the bedroom to be purely for rest and relaxation.

2. Keep Blue Light (Cell Phone)out of the Bedroom

                 – The Loftie Alarm Clock is a wonderful tool to help people make this transition.

                 – Alarm clock, meditation app, noise machine and night light all in one. 

                 –  Comes loaded with various meditations, bedtime stories and white noise sounds. You can play these or connect to your phone via bluetooth to select your own,

                 – Two phase alarm that mimics your body’s natural waking process so you gradually wake instead of being jolted out of bed in the morning.

3.  Keep the Room Dark

 –  If you don’t have room darkening shades, utilizing a sleep mask can be a big help.

 – One of my favorites is Lunya’s Washable Silk Sleep Mask 

 – Love that they are so soft, feels luxurious and has a thick, flat band for comfort behind the head.  

4. Keep Room Temperature Cool

 –  Research shows that the ideal sleep temp is 65 degrees.

 – For people who also sleep hot, a pair of cooling sheets can be very helpful in keeping them comfortable

– I love the Cariloha brand.

 – Sheets are made from bamboo. So incredibly soft, wash well and are 3 degrees cooler than cotton sheets

 – Can also purchase their line of performance sheets for an enhanced cooling effect.

5. Quiet Your Mind

 – Many of us have a hard time stopping our mind from racing when we climb into bed.

 – Keep a Journal  or Post It Pad and pen on your nightstand. 

 – Can use it to journal if you like, but I find simply writing down my to-do list for the next day is a wonderful way to transfer it from my mind to paper. This also works great if you think of something in the middle of the night that you want to be sure to remember.

6. Use the Power of Scent

 – People often forget how powerful scent can be.

 – Harness this with a linen spray, essential oil diffuser or room spray.

 – Common scents associated with relaxation include: lavender, francincense, chamomile and sandalwood (just a few), but really anything that you find relaxing and comforting is a great choice.

– A great place to shop for this is T.S. Home Studio in Eden Prairie Center. They have a ton of great options all made without any harmful ingredients or chemicals.