Prosecutors seek longer sentences for former officers charged in George Floyd’s death

Prosecutors are seeking longer sentences for the former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s death.

Minnesota Attorney’s General Keith Ellison, who is leading the prosecution in the cases, filed motions Friday to seek an upward sentencing departure for Derek Chauvin, Tou Thao, J Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane. The motion would allow the former officers to be sentenced for longer than state guidelines recommend for their charges, if they’re convicted.

Defense lawyer in George Floyd case requests change of venue for trial

In the motions, Ellison listed several bases for an upward departure, stating that Floyd was particularly vulnerable after he’d been handcuffed, he was treated with particular cruelty, officers abused a position of authority and committed the crime as a group and while in the presence of children.

Earlier this week, the attorney for Kueng filed a notice to ask the court to dismiss charges and for a change of venue.