Plans being made for permanent tributes to George Floyd, city has no timeline to open intersection of 38th and Chicago

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It’s been two months and the intersection of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue where George Floyd was killed is still drawing crowds.

A once-bustling intersection has turned into an evolving memorial. The streets are closed for several blocks, the bus line in the area is rerouted and many businesses are indefinitely closed.

There are varying reports and opinions about when and whether the intersection should open back up. Some say it should stay as is, others say they need to get back to business.

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"A lot of our customers are in wheelchairs, so it’s a problem for them to get to our business. It makes it inconvenient. Business has been slow these past few months," said Zakariye Hashi, whose family runs a home health care business headquartered near the intersection.

"This should always be here. This is like a new Statue of Liberty," said Joseph Jefferson, who was visiting the site.

A city spokesperson says they are working with the community on this and there is no timeline.

Just last Friday, the Minneapolis City Council approved adding $100,000 to the city budget for a permanent memorial, but where it will go and what it will look like are still up for discussion.

Next week, the city planning commission will meet to consider changing the name of the section of Chicago Avenue to George Perry Floyd Jr. Place.