‘I do not support abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department,’ Mayor Frey says to protesters

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey addressed a crowd of protesters who were outside his home Saturday afternoon.

According to the Mayor’s Office, protesters were marching around northeast Minneapolis and were near Frey’s home Friday afternoon. When protesters were near his home they began chanting for the mayor to come out and address the police issue.

While addressing the crowd Frey stated, "I do not support abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department."

Frey reiterated his stance in a Facebook post on Sunday morning, writing:

"Last night a group of protestors came to my home, asking me to commit to abolishing the police department.

"I told them the truth about where I stand. I’ll work relentlessly toward deep structural reforms to change policing, rethink our system, and directly address systemic racism. However, I do not support abolishing the department.
Organized by the Minneapolis-based advocacy group Black Visions, the event began at Bottineau Field Park, passed by the police union headquarters and ended outside Mayor Jacob Frey’s home."