Family of George Floyd considering lawsuit after multiple breaches of his information at HCMC

The family of George Floyd is considering "all of our remedies," possibly including a lawsuit, after learning of multiple breaches of Floyd’s confidential information at Hennepin County Medical Center.

According to Antonio Romanucci, one of the lawyers for Floyd’s family, they were recently informed that there were breaches of Floyd’s data over multiple dates and the employees involved are no longer employed at HCMC.

Floyd’s family still isn’t sure what type of information was accessed, according to Romanucci.

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Hennepin Healthcare told KSTP that access to its electronic medical records by employees is tracked and logged.

"Any breach of patient confidentiality is taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. If it is determined that a violation has occurred, disciplinary action up to and including termination can be used," Hennepin Healthcare said. "To maintain patient confidentiality, we do not comment on specific cases."