Close friend of George Floyd: ‘No one should feel like this’

The cellphone video captured by a passerby of George Floyd’s final moments has gone viral.

Floyd, 46, from St. Louis Park, died after an encounter with Minneapolis Police officers on Monday evening.

"I knew it, I didn’t want it to be true,” said Breanca Ousley, who was a close friend and previously dated Floyd. "When I heard him say ‘I can’t breathe,’ I’m like, ‘that’s Floyd, that’s Floyd.’"

Ousley watched the video of Floyd’s final moments at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue S. in south Minneapolis in disbelief.

She posted photos on her Facebook page from their previous relationship after the two met where Floyd worked at a Minneapolis restaurant and bar.

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"If I wouldn’t have taken a break would he have even been in that situation?” Ousley questioned. “Would he have been there doing that?”

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Ousley wiped away tears many times during her video chat with 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS reporter Eric Chaloux on Wednesday morning.

She recalled Floyd always being there for friends.

"He was always laughing, always making a joke about something, he always liked to see people happy," Ousley said.

It’s not justice, Breanca said, that can bring George back; she just wants to see him again.

"I want him back … I want him back," Ousley said.