Attorney for fired MPD officer talks about new evidence

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Earl Gray, the attorney for fired Minnesota Police Department officer Thomas Lane, explained to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS his reasons for seeking dismissal of aiding and abetting murder charges for his client related to the arrest and subsequent death of George Floyd.

"We just believe, based on the evidence we’ve gathered, there is no sufficient evidence for probable cause," said Gray. "So, we submitted his statements to the BCA, body camera footage and transcripts from that video to the court seeking dismissal."

Gray told KSTP the evidence shows Lane was following orders of his superior, fired MPD officer Derek Chauvin, and did not knowingly aide and abet in a violent criminal act.

Body camera transcripts reveal new details about night of George Floyd’s death

"My client, as is presented in the BCA interview and body camera transcripts, actually tried to get Chauvin to turn Floyd over and help him as he struggled breathing," said Gray.

Gray said Lane had only been on the street for four days and did what he was trained to do and what he was ordered to do by Chauvin who was the officer who helped hold Floyd down by placing his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than seven minutes.

"He even assisted paramedics when the ambulance arrived on the scene that night," said Gray. "Lane actually went into the ambulance and started CPR and these things are not consistent with someone who is trying to assist another person with committing a violent crime."

Gray said he expects a ruling on the dismissal motion from the presiding Hennepin County judge sometime in early September.