Walz appointed chairman of Midwest Governors Association

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, as of Thursday, has been appointed chairman of the Midwest Governors Association and announced his agenda, which focuses on bringing regional policy leaders together to create economic opportunities in the energy sector.

Walz highlighted that many communities have been or will be impacted by power plant closures throughout the region. He said his first concentration is collaboration with states to strengthen and grow those affected communities.

"Communities and workers that have long fueled our energy needs are in a transition period, and we must do everything in our power to ensure that they have the tools and supports to manage the transition in a way that positions them for success," said Walz.

The other major emphasis of his agenda is the continuation of the MID-GRID 2035 Initiative, a regional transmission education and planning effort to position the Midwest as a modern energy producer and low-cost energy provider, with the goal to establish a long-term transmission grid vision for the region.

"As energy production and consumption changes, we want the region to be in the best possible position to power our communities and have the energy resources to attract new businesses," Walz said. "Without a robust regional transmission plan, the region is at risk of being left in the dark."

Walz said he hopes the MGA will focus on cultivating the energy economy of the region so it remains a national leader in energy production and technology innovation.

The MGA is a nonprofit, bipartisan organization that brings the region’s governors and state agencies together to address significant public policy issues, and focuses on agriculture, economic development, energy and promoting regional success.